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Assisting non-technical founders with technical leadership, management and operations by building a warm nest for the future CTO.



Investing smart money in kinds. Investing custom-built software technology developed by an experienced in-house development team in exchange for equity.


Startup Roadmap

Preparing startups to become investor-ready by providing the right tools future investors require, such as a business plan, financial projections and slide decks.

Framework Companies

Dudes of Technology

The Dudes of Technology (Jongens van Techniek) focus primarily on building high-quality software using technologies such as livestreaming, blockchain, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, embedded software and much more.

Our focus is developing software for startups and corporates who constantly want to be at the frontier of technology.

We differentiate ourselves from traditional software houses by bootstrapping software, fast execution times, being highly strategically involved and having a high adoption rate of new technologies.

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The Hague Tech

The tech hub of The Hague hosts the cross-section of small and large companies in the Dutch technological landscape. Events are organized for networking, knowledge sharing and piquing interest of potential (tech)startup enthusiasts. Workshops, trainings and extended educational programmes are hosted to prepare the workforce of the future and help (young) professionals to stay flexible.

Currently The Hague Tech is being renovated and hosts 3 events and 8 startups. The hub will be opened officially on January 2018 (unofficially March 2017).

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StormDelta Investments

Startups are risk-driven and flexible, while corporates are risk-averted and sustainable. StormDelta Investments matches startups and corporates in order to stimulate open innovation and provide transparent integration tracks.

Challenges, inefficiencies and obstacles are collected as cases from corporates and presented to domain-related startups. By introducing existing integrator partners and product owners, startups learn to speak the corporate language, and corporates learn to speak the startup lingo.